A Healthy Diet Keeps Your Body In-shape

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A Healthy Diet Keeps Your Body In-shape

Getting in shape is all about exercising and eating healthy. You can work out all you want, but if you don’t eat healthily, all that hard work will be for nothing. You’ll want to stick to a healthy diet to ensure that your work in the gym gets you to your goals. Here are some healthy diet tips that’ll help keep your body shaped just the way you want it!

Tips to Shape Up Your Diet and Body

If you’re looking to enhance your body, you’ll need to fuel it with the right foods. Here are some science-based nutrition tips that can help shape you reach your fitness and body goals:

Drink enough water

Drinking water is key to helping your body stay healthy and staying in shape. Water needs to be your beverage of choice. Replace any sodas, sports drinks and even alcohol with more water. Doing so will help you control your calories, thus helping you control your weight, too.

Water not only helps your body but also your skin, helping skin look smooth and supple. But there’s more since water also helps maintain normal digestion and will energize your muscles. Always carry a water bottle with you that you stay hydrated and always choose water instead of other sugary beverages.


Cut your portion size

Managing your portion size is one of the best ways to enjoy your meal and still shape your body. Eating smaller meals throughout your day will help fuel you and keep you from binge eating later on. Fill your plate with low-calorie options like tons of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole-grain carbs.

Eat fish at least two times a week

Fish is a great protein to eat when you’re dieting and trying to eat healthier. Eating fish at least twice a week can help you reach your diet goals. Plus, fish is high in omega-3s, can reduce blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory properties. Great choices of fish include tuna, halibut, salmon, sea bass and sardines.

Get in enough fiber

Making sure you get in enough fiber can really help you stay in shape. Fiber adds bulk and makes you feel fuller, causing you to eat less. You can easily get fiber from the food you eat, including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and beans.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

It’s recommended that you get five to nine servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Eating as much as you can with every meal will benefit your body and your waist. The great thing about fruits and veggies is that there are a ton of different ways you can eat them so things will never get boring!

Eat whole grains

Not all carbs are bad for you, despite what you may think! Whole grains will satisfy your body’s cravings for carbs, while also helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Enjoying small portions of wholesome grains will reduce cravings for bad carbs. Whole-grain cereal, bread, and pasta are all great choices!

Eat two hours before bed

While there’s no real time to stop eating, it’s recommended that you finish your dinner at least two hours before you go to bed. This gives your body ample time to digest the meal so that you can get better sleep. When you sleep better, you’ll feel more energized in the morning and ready to continue your healthy habits.

Enhance Your Diet with Emsculpt

If you’ve been eating well and working out, but still aren’t happy with certain trouble spots like your butt or midsection, then you might want to try Emsculpt. If you have a certain body part that’s being really stubborn, EMSCULPT can help you love it! As a new FDA-cleared body-contouring procedure, Emsculpt builds muscle in two very hard areas to tone and tighten.

Emsculpt therapeutically uses magnetic fields to tone these areas with the non-invasive HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology. This technology induces strong muscle contractions that your muscles couldn’t achieve even while working out!  When exposed to strong contractions, the muscle tissue in that area is forced to adapt to such extreme conditions, responding with a very deep remodeling of its inner structure. This is what will build muscle and sculpt your butt or midsection.

The treatment time is 30 minutes and it’s recommended that you undergo at least four sessions about two to three days apart. But your provider can provide a special treatment plan that’s tailored to your individual goals. You won’t have to worry about pain since Emsculpt feels like you’ve just had an intense workout (even the days after).

While undergoing the procedure, you might feel a bit discomfort as your body gets used to the sensation, but it shouldn’t be painful one bit! You’ll either be lying down on your back while the small machine is placed on your midsection or on your stomach while it covers your butt.

There is absolutely no downtime either, so you’ll be able to go back to your daily routine after your appointments! That’s because it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require any recovery time or post-treatment appointments. But the best thing is that with Emsculpt, you’ll begin to feel tangible results after your first treatment. Then, after your last scheduled procedures, you’ll continue to see results!

The best candidates for Emsculpt are ones that need but can’t seem to tone up or tighten despite eating healthy and working out. It doesn’t get rid of extra fat, so you’ll want to make sure you lose the weight first before you choose to invest in Emsculpt!